Healing the Hurt

Ericka Hall



Everyone experiences life’s pain…

How do you heal the hurt?

People and events may have caused you tremendous pain from which you have never fully recovered.  We will go through some steps from God’s Word to heal you from hurt(s).

You will read survivor stories and see how some of them have healed. You will see that although you feel alone at times, that there are others who have similar life experiences and each journey is different.

This book is just one tool to help you reclaim your life and stop allowing past hurts to dictate your present behavior. You will see that you can forgive, you can move past your pain into a peaceful, pleasant place.  

With the help of Healing the Hurt, my hope is that you will again sleep in peace.  I want you to be able to say that you have moved on, choosing to forgive (not forget); using your past to propel you into a fabulous future!